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Post-Surgery Constipation

Post-Surgery Constipation

Doctor’s Note: Post-Surgery Constipation

Discussing bowel movements is probably not your favorite thing, but constipation after surgery is an issue many people deal with. It can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and even painful. Don’t feel like you’re alone though, it is a very common issue. There are a variety of ways to prevent constipation or to relieve it early on.

Lifestyle Habits

Before going into various over the counter medications or prescriptions, I recommend some easy lifestyle habits to keep your body healthy and regular:

Over the Counter Products

Having good lifestyle habits is not always enough, especially after surgery. Anesthesia causes constipation because it slows down movement in the gut and depresses the central nervous system. Some people may have little to no problems after anesthesia while others may experience the side effects for up to a couple weeks after surgery. Narcotic pain medications and muscle relaxers can also cause constipation. They increase the amount of time it takes for food to get through the gastric system and decrease the urge to defecate. A few ways to deal with post-operative constipation are:

Additional Products to Try

If, after 48-72 hours after surgery, you haven’t had a bowel movement, more extreme measure can be taken:

When to Call your Doctor

If your constipation doesn’t improve after trying these methods, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Also, if you are experiencing a combination of the following, visit your local ER or Urgent Care ASAP:

These can be a sign of a bowel obstruction and require attention immediately.

Please call our office if you have difficulty with constipation after following some of these easy “at home” remedies at 972-566-7300

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