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People with strong facial bone structure age more gracefully than those with weaker bone structure. There are many classic consequences of inadequate bone structure. The negative vector is a term given to individuals with weak support of their midface region. This results in premature aging of the lower eyelids and midface and presents a difficult challenge for the cosmetic surgeon. Patients with small chins are predisposed to accelerated aging in their lower face and neck regions. Patients with weak cheekbones are prone to premature aging in their midface, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds and jowl areas. Not only are patients with weak bone structure prone to premature aging appearances, but they frequently lack the definition and character that is associated with beauty. Think of the high cheekbones many of the beautiful actresses, or the striking, defined lower jawline that characterizes the faces of models that frequent fashion magazines. Dr. Hobar has a special interest in evaluating bone structure when he is considering facial rejuvenation procedures in a patient.According to Dr. Hobar: 

“Bone structure is critical to beauty and youthfulness. In keeping with my philosophy of tightening the supporting structures to rejuvenate the skin in the most effective and natural way, it all starts with bone structure. The bone is the foundation of the muscles and fascia, which in turn are the supporting structure of the skin. You start deep and work your way to the skin. That way the skin is maximally rejuvenated without ever looking pulled or unnatural. This is not to say everyone with imperfect facial bone structure has to have an implant, but it should be understood as a factor in the aging process”.

Some patients may be excellent candidates for an implant alone, whereas in others, it is a powerful adjunct to facelift, neck lift or midface lift.

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